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This forum was conceived as a specialist area on the internet to bring together artist’s who’s primary interests include small scale sculpture. The “Iron Brush” alludes to the chisel and represents our commitment to the very finest standards of craftsmanship in pursuit of our art.

There are a number of specialist fields represented here and we’re continually reassessing how we cater for all of the many diverse approaches of making that contemporary artists are drawn to.

There is a strong emphasis in certain areas on specifically Japanese approaches in terms of technique, aesthetics and the basic philosophy of making. Clive and Ford Hallam represent the respective fields of Netsuke carving and Classical Japanese metalwork.

Alongside the netsuke studio you’ll also find areas dealing with non-metal Sculpture, Japanese lacquer (Urushi), tools and materials.

The metals section deals with general metalworking processes but also has more specialised areas that deal exclusively with the fittings of the Japanese sword with a focus on Tsuba.

A Classical Jewellery Atelier, with a strong emphasis on the Baroque and Renaissance traditions of miniature sculpture, is hosted by Karl Wunderlich.

Lorenzo Amati, Patrick Hastings and Leon Mommersteeg make up the admin team. Lorenzo and Patrick assists Ford in the Tsuba Studio and Leon provides valuable input in terms of design and critique.

If you’d like to learn more about the admin team and a few of our other regular contributors please follow this "LINK"..

We place a great deal of emphasis on preparatory design work and drawing and encourage the sharing of these processes. Similarly, we like to encourage the sharing of work in progress as a way of allowing others to learn as well as providing inspiration and encouragement. Probably the most important aspect of what we’re attempting with this forum is the development of an honest and considered dialogue between members. We expect basic politeness and common courtesies but meaningless pleasantries in response to an artists work are really not particularly helpful.

We hope you’ll recognise that our aim is to help similarly minded artists to develop to the full extent of their abilities. Many of the regular contributors here, as well as the admin team, are full-time working artists and as such are acutely aware of what it means to undertake this sort of work as a way of life. We’re very serious about what we do and will only ever give of our best to help each other. Everything that is offered here comes with the best of intentions.

Giving constructive criticism, as well as receiving critique, is a very valuable aspect of developing as an artist but are often the most difficult issues to deal with for many people. We hope that a mutually respectful and supportive atmosphere will go some way towards getting used to our rather direct approach.

You’ll notice that most active members here use photographs of themselves as avatars the little picture alongside the posters name). We’ve found that this really does help to create a better sense of community and it is a really good way to overcome the impersonal character of the internet. If you think you’d like to join us we’d appreciate it if we could see you too.

By all means add a link to your own website, blog or facebook...whatever you care to share.

We hope that you’ll find the organisation of the forum to be clear and that you’ll easily be able to find your way to those areas and topics that are of most interest to yourself.

Once again, welcome to the Iron Brush we hope you find the forum of interest and our members helpful and supportive.

Very best regards,

The admin guys.

You can request your membership by sending an email clicking "HERE"

If you would like to explore the forum to get an idea of what we are up to here, before you decide whether or not to join, please use the following link.