Iris pendant and some thoughts

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Iris pendant and some thoughts

Postby Tiaan Burger » Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:02 pm

It has been a long while since I last posted anything on this forum. When I joined I did many posts, then these tapered off to the point where I just visited the forum to find technical information. My reason was simple: the more I studied, the more I realised that I do not know very much at all, and my work was not nearly at the standard where I wanted it to be.
It is a strange thing, all my friends remark on how much my work has improved over the past couple of years, and all I could see was how many mistakes I was still making. I almost gave up on doing Japanese style work altogether, I was using the techniques to carve scrolls, Celtic knots, anything my clients wanted, maybe I was committing artistic suicide. I did not care much for what I was carving, all I wanted was the hours of practice. But eventually even that was not enough, I got fed up with carving horrible designs into despicable materials. I have lost count of the number of skulls I have carved.
In the past week I had a "moment of clarity" (Pink Floyd song?) or maybe satori. I suddenly knew what I am supposed went to be carving, I had to get back to the themes I worked with long before I even knew of the way of the brush, when I was still sniffing copper dust kicked up by a rotary tool.
So I dug around and found a botanical drawing of an iris which I have used before, hammered a bit of shibuichi down to about 1.8mm thick, cut the blank to size (14.3 mm wide. Sounds familiar doesn't it... :biggrin: ) and started drawing. Cutting the silver and the shakudo was easy and simple, and the inlays gave me no problems. Carving the flowers was a joy.
To tell the truth, this whole job went really well up to the point where I stuck the camera's memory card in the computer and had a long hard look at the big pictures. I don't like big pictures of small work! I might go back and work on it some more to sort out the tiny flaws which become so obvious on the screen. Or maybe not. I'll improve on the next one.


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Re: Iris pendant and some thoughts

Postby Jim J » Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:09 pm

Very nice, Always liked Iris flowers.
Leaves could use some veins and center lines to look more accurate.
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Re: Iris pendant and some thoughts

Postby Mac » Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:47 am

OK, I'll wade in ;-)
I know, that you know everything I'm about to say. I see a 95% work. The 'bone's are all there. I'm not a fan of the blanket texturing. I would probably have scraped and stoned the petals to a higher finish to present a contrast to the ground. The organic aspects of the design feels a bit 'mechanical' and the finish a touch hard ( Something I've been accused of, so I recognise the issue). A tight brush and sil. carbide slurry would probably be my approach before final detailing.
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